Vacancies are there to be closed.


If you can target candidates individually and at eye level, you can attract them as employees. THIS is why targeted active sourcing is so powerful.

Every company is different. Every vacancy is different. And that’s exactly why every search I do is exactly that: PERSONALIZED EVERY SINGLE TIME.


Active sourcing??

Active sourcing is not waiting for someone to apply for your position. On the contrary. Candidates are actively approached for your position.

The basis for this is always a perfect search. The text must accurately convey the essence of your position and at the same time arouse interest. Combining all this is the strength of really good recruiters.

YOUR CHALLENGE: You fail to reach the right candidates with the right message.

You’re not alone in this, by the way. Almost all companies have difficulties reaching the right candidates.

And that’s exactly where I come in: I find the right candidates and the right message. Because for the right result, both have to come together.

The reason I am so successful at this is clear:

I recruit EVERY DAY – for nine years.

„Working with Daniel was a true pleasure.“ 

Theresa Baeumel

Director Talent Acquisition EMEA at NIKE

He put us in touch with many highly suitable candidates after a few days. “ 

Norbert Nyíri

Manager at Atlas IT

„Daniel impressed me with his excellent talent acquisition and sourcing expertise“ 

Marina Sverdel

Domain Owner at

if you need a Tech Recruiter, you should definitely reach out to him!“ 

Dirk Blößl

Technical Director & Partner at DEPT


Pricing Plans


– 110€ per hour –

„For a minimum of 6 months, I will be a complete part of your recruitment team.“

Hiring flat rate from 6 months term

From taking the job to signing the contract

Individual approach to candidates

As a project member I am fully integrated into your business processes


– 20% from annual salary –

„As an external recruiter, I can independently find individual tech employees for you.“

Individual hirings on a success basis

From taking the job to signing the contract

Individual approach to candidates

As a recruiter I work externally without influence on your business processes

Request Free Trial

Request Free Trial

This is how I work.

Active sourcing as the basis of every search.

The basis of my work is the LinkedIn Recruiter Enterprise access. For each vacancy, it is used to address candidates for your position individually by means of active sourcing.

An individual approach for each vacancy.

I create and optimize my texts for every vacancy. Everything important about your position and your company is visible to candidates from the first moment.

Salary transparency at first contact.

Candidates find out the salary in the first message. This not only builds trust, but is fair and saves candidates and your company a lot of time in the interview process.

Technical understanding for eye-to-eye conversations.

I am a certified AWS Solutions Architect and have invested a lot of time myself in JavaScript with React and Python with Tensorflow. Was I a good developer? With absolute certainty, no.

There is no profile nudging.

With me, candidates are not distributed to multiple clients. All candidates are presented only to you and each search always starts at ZERO. Therefore, each approach is something very special.

With 100% Happiness Guarantee.

If a candidate does not fit during the trial period, I will continue to search for you. Without additional costs.

Who is behind wolf?

Hi, I am Wolf-Daniel. But Daniel is enough.
9 years ago I moved to the small cosmopolitan city of Düsseldorf to become a tech recruiter. I had no idea what to expect.
Since then, I’ve conducted thousands of interviews and closed hundreds of tech vacancies. In small software companies and at huge global corporations.
How I manage to recruit tech candidates so well?
Three points: I speak tech, I live recruitment, and I tell things exactly as they are.
That combination is what makes my recruiting so good. And it will help you recruit really well, too.
Any questions? Write me at
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